Since we are so close to our departure date, we had our sponsors send us the food that they graciously donated so that we could start sorting and organizing the food that we will be taking on the trip. It was like Christmas opening all the boxes full of goodies!! Taste of Nature, Nature’s Bakery, Snatch Jerky, Jerky Up, Go Macro, and The New Primal are helping us so much by donating. We can’t express how grateful we are for their generosity! Thank you for your support and encouragement!!


Living an Adventure!!

We are officially one month away from departing on our world expedition! There is so much to do and so little time to do it. We are continuing our training regiment, starting final gear checks, organizing and planning food needs, studying weather patterns on Aconcagua, and analyzing financial status to name a few. But we are slowly checking things off the to do list. We are both ready to no longer be living in limbo and to start living the life that most only dream of. We are ready to be living the adventure!!

Darn Tough!

Darn Tough socks has graciously decided to give us 50% off of hiking and mountaineering socks. Now we can ensure that we come back home with all of our toes because of these comfortable and toasty socks. Darn Tough is a family owned company straight out of Vermont and offer a wide variety of socks to meet everyone’s needs. We now have multiple pairs of their Merino wool and Coolmax socks. The great thing is that the wool socks don’t have the itchiness that other wool products have. To guarantee that their socks are tough, Darn Tough offers a life time warranty on all of their socks!! That means if you were able to wear them out, they will replace them. Pretty amazing for a sock company!!

Thanks Darn Tough!!


We currently have an Instagram profile up for jktrekkers!! We will have pictures of our travels over the next two years. Our objective is to share the beauty of the world with others as well as showing how backpacking truly is. Enjoy our travels with us!! Follow us on Instagram at jktrekkers.

Gear for Good!

We got our first gear sponsor! Cotopaxi decided to support us on our expedition by sending us two day packs and a couple of t-shirts. We were sent a Luzon Del Dia, which is a one of a kind pack that’s colorway was proudly designed and built by an employee in the Philippines. The second pack that we were sent was a generalized Luzon 18L day pack, which can be bought in specific color designs. These packs are awesome!! They fit to our bodies perfectly and pack down really well in our main packs when they are not in use. The t-shirts that were sent are light weight and comfortable and will be perfect for our travels. We have even bought a couple more!

Cotopaxi has made a commitment to creating positive social impact. They focus their efforts on global poverty alleviation & give targeted grants to advance health, education, and livelihoods initiatives around the world.

Thanks Cotopaxi for your support!


What a summer!!

As the summer comes to an end I realize just how fast it went by. This summer has been full of fun and exciting changes and adventures. The excitement and anticipation is only building as our expedition draws closer and closer.

#1 – We moved out of Scribner, Nebraska at the end of June. Our new temporary home is a camper outside of my parents house… I never thought that I would be living back at home but they are helping us so much as we continue to work on saving as much money as we can.

#2 – Early this summer I took a group of students to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 11 days. We had the chance to do some white water rafting, kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling, and some rain forest trekking. It was a great learning experience for the students as well as for myself! I hope that I was able to spark the desire to travel and experience new cultures in these awesome 9 kids!

#3 – The trip starts with the huge challenge of Aconcagua and so the training is once again under way. We are training 6 times a week by alternating cardio and strength, both followed by flexibility, and packing on the weekends. We headed to Colorado last weekend to climb Wetterhorn, one of the challenging 14ers, while fine tuning our navigation skills.


115 days until we leave Penitentes on our 14-20 day expedition to the summit of the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. Aconcagua 22841ft.

We’ve studied for countless hours, spent thousands on gear, gone through training, workout six days a week and still only have a 20% chance of success. We will likely encounter nice weather, hot weather, frozen nights, white out conditions, winds 60-100mi pr hour, Wind chill -60, Actual -20. Risk of extreme altitude sickness at just 3159ft below the death zone where your body starts to die.

This video shows the route we will be taking to the summit

It’s Official

We finally have an official departure date!! We are flying to Mendoza, Argentina on August 9th. We will be attempting to summit Aconcagua which is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. This is finally starting to feel real!


We descended Mount Baker after five days living in the cold with sore bodies and blisters and we celebrated our first anniversary huddled in a tent with two mini bottles of champagne. Then we hit the road back to Nebraska. We visited Devil’s Tower on the way and slept in the back of the car.


We are all packed up and ready to take on Mount Baker while learning essential mountaineering skills.