115 days until we leave Penitentes on our 14-20 day expedition to the summit of the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. Aconcagua 22841ft.

We’ve studied for countless hours, spent thousands on gear, gone through training, workout six days a week and still only have a 20% chance of success. We will likely encounter nice weather, hot weather, frozen nights, white out conditions, winds 60-100mi pr hour, Wind chill -60, Actual -20. Risk of extreme altitude sickness at just 3159ft below the death zone where your body starts to die.

This video shows the route we will be taking to the summit

It’s Official

We finally have an official departure date!! We are flying to Mendoza, Argentina on August 9th. We will be attempting to summit Aconcagua which is the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. This is finally starting to feel real!


We descended Mount Baker after five days living in the cold with sore bodies and blisters and we celebrated our first anniversary huddled in a tent with two mini bottles of champagne. Then we hit the road back to Nebraska. We visited Devil’s Tower on the way and slept in the back of the car.


We are all packed up and ready to take on Mount Baker while learning essential mountaineering skills.


Seattle Bound

We just hit the road to Seattle, Washington. We plan on spending a day in Seattle for our furst anniversary and on Sunday we meet with our training group and head to Mount Baker.

Training for Washington

We are a little less than one month away from our big mountaineering training course with Alpine Ascents located in Seattle, Washington. We have been training for the past three months so that we will be in adequate shape to keep up with the group as we summit Mount Baker. We have been planning meals that contain enough calories that will sustain us for the physical exertion that lies ahead. I must say that it is challenging to train for a mountaineering expedition in the middle of the Midwest where there are no hills in sight! But we are making the best of it and excitedly count down to the day that we are able to hit the road and are Seattle bound.


Taste of Nature

We got another sponsor!! Taste of Nature has jumped on the band wagon and agreed to send us a generous donation of their organic food bars. They have agreed to send us multiple shipments to make sure that we are supplied throughout our entire trip. Taste of Nature was founded on this basic principle: to work together as a family to create a food company that makes a simple, great tasting product that would give back to the world more than it took. Taste of Nature’s organic ingredients¬† are supplied by family farms that are native to Ontario, Canada. Their product uses minimal processing that makes their bars nutrient dense which is perfect for us on our more rigorous and rugged portions of our expedition. Thanks for the support Taste of Nature!!Taste of Nature JPG


GoMacro has agreed to make a a donation to our journey! GoMacro is a big picture company that lives by five principles… Vegan, Macrobiotic, Wholesome, Giving back to the community, and Source sustainability. They strive to make a product that is both healthy and has a positive effect on the world. GoMacro products will be perfect for the journey that lies ahead of us. Thank you for your support GoMacro!!


Training take two

We just started our second month of training. We have two snowy camping trips under our belts and we are continuing on with our workouts in preparation for our mountaineering training course that we officially signed up and paid for in May. We will be on the side of Mount Baker for our first anniversary!! Who would expect any less from us! We are hard at work at getting our bodies ready for the intensity of the climb to come.PicMonkey Collage

Nature’s Bakery

We just got a new sponsor! Nature’s Bakery has graciously agreed to support us on our expedition by sending us multiple shipments of their products throughout our epic adventure! We will be chowing down on their delicious fig bars and brownie bars as a healthy and nutritious way of obtaining the energy and nutrients we need to keep us going. Nature‚Äôs Bakery is a snacks and food brand that supports health conscious living and active lifestyles with their 4 pinnacles of achieving balance – nature, activity, nutrition and community. Their products will be perfect for our on-the-go lifestyle for the next couple of years. The fact that they are both healthy and light-weight is a huge bonus. Thanks Nature’s Bakery for your support and we look forward to working with you!



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