Trip Overview

This page will break down our trip to give you a general understanding of everything that we are hoping to accomplish over the next two years. There are three main legs to this EPIC adventure.

Right after Thanksgiving we are taking off for Argentina to attempt to summit Aconcagua which is the highest peak in South America. Following our summit we will be heading South along the west coast of South America ending in Ushuaia which is known as the “End of the World”. We will then fly to Rio and work our way west seeing the sites and having adventures along the way. The end of our South America leg of our epic adventure will be by river boating down the Amazon River.

After four months of traveling around South America we will be making a pit stop in Cancun where we will get certified for scuba diving. After relaxing for a little bit on the beach, we will finally make it home to visit family and friends while attempting to recover and recuperate. This is where we will also restock our supplies for the next leg of our journey. After three weeks at home we will take off for Africa.

We plan on starting in Jordan and working our way into Egypt. From there we will work our way down the east coast attempting a summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, seeing the Great Migration at the Serengeti, and hopefully diving with Manta Rays. We will then work our way across Africa to the west coast to Namibia. We will end our second leg in Cape Town, South Africa. On the way back home we will make a pit stop at an island off the east coast of Madagascar.

Back home we will spend time recovering and recuperating. From here our future is up in the air. I will be applying for a job in DOD schools in either Europe or Asia. DOD schools are schools on military bases. If that doesn’t pan out then we will have to see what our options are and how much money we have.

To officially end our epic adventure we will take our first steps on the Appalachian Trail in Maine in an attempt to thru-hike. This expedition starts in Maine and will end in Georgia about four and half to five month later.

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