A little about us

My name is Koleen Haldeman and I am a high school science teacher. I have always had big dreams of traveling the world but I didn’t want to do it through resorts. I wanted to actually experience the world around me! I decided to backpack through Europe and started the planning process in college. But sadly that is as far as it got… planning 😦 I ended up finishing college and getting a job right away at a small school in Nebraska and my travel plans were put on the back burner. I was a few years into my teaching career when I met John. He has already done some extensive traveling over seas so just talking to him reignited the fire in me to travel once again. After a year of dating, we got engaged in Puerto Rico and a year after that we were married.

Our honeymoon was not your typical honeymoon! We started in Roatan for a week. In the course of that week we scuba dived, snorkeled, went whale shark diving (sadly there were no whale sharks to see so that is a must sometime in the future to try again), we went 2000 feet below the surface in a submarine, and ate some amazing local food. After that week we started our backpacking adventure. We made our way to Guatemala where we climbed the highest peak in Central America, Mount Tajumulco. Our next destination was the Mayan ruins located in Tikal, Guatemala. We ended our trip in Belize and a small howler monkey resort that sounded like Jurassic Park! Howler monkeys did not sound like I expected them to. While at this resort we did some cave tubing and crocodile hunting. When I say hunting I just mean we tracked them and tried to catch some babies to hold… we didn’t actually kill anything.

Before we got married we already started our preliminary plans for the trip to come! We wanted to get the traveling bug out of our systems before we started a family. So we decided to spend the next year or so planning our epic adventure and saving as much money as we could. As soon as we got home from our honeymoon the research began. Since then we  have been progressing our plans and eagerly await the moment that we can finally start the EPIC adventure of a lifetime.


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