South America Plans

This will be the first leg of our EPIC adventure around the world. The following is what we have so far and is subject to change over the course of our time left at home.

We will be leaving on December 9th of this year from Minneapolis. The blue will for sure happen at some point along the way but the red will be tentative depending on funding and safety precautions.

  • We will fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina where we will bus to Mendoza, Argentina.
    • This is where we will attempt and hopefully summit Mount Aconcagua.
    • This will take about 20 days to complete!
    • After we return to Mendoza from the mountain we will spend a few days recovering
  • We will return to Santiago, Chile where we will catch a flight to Easter Island to spend a couple of days
    • This is tentative… It depends on how much money we have saved.
  • From Santiago, Chile we will take a bus to the Puerto Madryn and spend a few days backpacking around the Peninsula Valdes.
    • The wildlife should be spectacular around this time.
  • From Puerto Madryn, Argentina we will catch a bus to El Calafate.
    • This is the location where we will visit and hike along the Glacier Perito Moreno.
    • We will also use this location to try and trek through the Torres del Paine
  • From El Calafate, Argentina we will bus down to Ushuaia.
    • This is the southern most tip of South America and has been nicknamed “End of the World”
    • We will be here a few days
      • Maybe we could go to Antarctica
  • From Ushuaia, Argentina we will catch a flight to Rio de Janerio, Brazil.
    • Here we would see the sights and potentially enjoy Carnival depending on when we get there.
  • From Rio de Janerio, Brazil we would bus up to Salvador to trek through Chapada Diamantina National Park.
  • From Salvador, Brazil we will fly to Manaus to catch a bus and go up into Venezuela to Canaima National Park.
    • We will backpack through the national park and visit Angel Falls which is the world’s highest falls.
  • We will bus back to Manaus, Brazil and fly into Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to catch a bus to Iguazu National Park where we will see the famous Iguazu Falls.
  • From Iguazu National Park in Argentina we will bus to Campo Grande.
    • We will use this location to enter and backpack through the Pantanal of Brazil.
  • From Campo Grande, Brazil we will bus to Uyuni, Bolivia.
    • Here we will experience the mirror reflections of Salar de Uyuni which is the world’s largest salt flats.
  • From Uyuni, Bolivia we will bus to La Paz, Bolivia.
    • Here we will spend a few days exploring the Valley of the Moon and trekking around Lake Titicaca.
  • From La Paz, Boliva we will bus up to Cusco, Peru where were will trek up to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.
  • From Cusco, Peru we will catch a bus to Pucallpa, Peru where we will board a river boat and travel through the Amazon to Iquitos, Peru.
    • This will take 3 to 4 days.
  • From Iquitos, Peru we will fly to Cancun, Mexico.
    • We will spend an x amount of days here to recuperate and relax.
    • We also plan on getting certified in open water scuba diving here.
  • From Cancun, Mexico we will fly to Omaha, Nebraska in the US to visit family and prepare for our next leg of the journey.


Travel Stats

42,363 kilometers – 26,324 miles – 1 trip – 8 countries

The total distance traveled is roughly equivalent to circling the earth 1.1 times!

Modes of Transport

Bus 11,217 km / 6,970 miles
Airplane 31,146 km / 19,354 miles

Countries Visited

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, United States

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