Lima, Peru

Lima probably could have been better than it was thats for sure. I was still recovering from my sickness and John came down with it too. We don’t know if it was food, water, or just a bug but it hit both of us. We did do a bit of walking around the city and on the beach though. Lima did have it’s own charm but it was tanted by the constant smell of urine and piles of doggy dodo. There was a fun park called John F. Kennedy (kinda funny) that was full of stray cats that were cared for by volunteers until they were adopted. There was also an awesome park that was close to our hostel that had a fountain and random events such as a pet festival and a strange lip syncing/group dancing competition. We did have breakfast every morning in that park.

We didn’t eat as much due to our unsettled stomachs but we did try some street sandwiches, tiny eggs, and chafe which was either rice or noodles with an oriental flare.

The last couple of days we were feeling better so we tried some surfing and ultimate body boarding. We were able to surf all day long for $10. I got my butt kicked by the water!! The paddling out was the worst… you would paddle and paddle and then get hit by a wave and end up back where you started. It was exhausting! But by the end we both stood up on a board and felt accomplished. It was a fun experience to check off the bucket list.

Lastly, the taxi drivers in Lima are terrible. One guy put the address into his phone wrong and didn’t know where he was going. He went the wrong way twice and complained about bad directions. Finally we told him to stop and got out. It was a set price of 35 soles and I gave him a 50… he claimed he didn’t have 5 soles for change and neither did we. After some bickering I just walked away frustrated. When we got to the hostel it was the address we gave him. The second guy took us on a wild goose chase for 30 soles! He drove around and asked a couple people for directions. Eventually we directed him to the hostel. He told us since it was far it was going to be 50 soles but it was only far because he made it that way. So I argued! I gave him 30 soles and told him that was all… he drove away bickering. In both cases we showed the drive the location on the GPS and they still managed to get lost or act lost. Beware of Lime taxi drivers!!


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