Puno, Peru

Puno was a smaller city that didn’t have much going for it. It is approximately 13,000 ft above sea level and is located right next to Lake Titicaca which the highest lake of it’s size. It had a nice boardwalk next to the water. There was also a market they had pretty much everyday but it was bigger on weekends.

We actually stopped in Puno twice in an attempt to get across the border into Bolivia.

In the first attempt we actually took a bus to the border and received an exit stamp for Peru. We walked across the bridge into Bolivia and went to the immigration office where we were informed that they required proof of entry/exit, proof of accommodations, proof of funds, and the completed application with a recent picture. These were the same requirements that Brazil required for their visa. We were told before we got there that all we had to do was pay the $160 each to get our visa… appearently that was not the case. We should have research it before going but everyone was sure we just needed to pay. I did walk around to try and find an internet cafe to print off what we needed but I didn’t find one. So we got our bags off the bus and walked back to the surprised Peruvian agent to get an entry stamp about 45 minutes after we got an exit stamp. From there we got in a van and rode back to Puno. When we arrived we immediately got another bus to Cusco.

During the second attempt about two weeks later we were going to go to the Bolivian consulate in Puno to get the visa and then cross over but that didn’t work out either. We don’t really keep track of what day it is on the road and we ended up arriving on Saturday. That means the consulate was going to be closed the day we were going to try to go and we were running out of time. To make us even luckier I got sick Sunday morning. We don’t know if it was from water or food or even just a bug but it hit me hard. I was tired, nauseous, and had stomach issues for two solid days and stayed in the room… John wondered around to kill time. I was still pretty out of it and continued to have stomach cramps and so we remained in Puno for one more day. Wednesday, I decided I was good enough to travel and we took a bus to Lima, Peru.


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