Cusco, Peru

We did a lot of walking around Cusco but it was a bit of a challenge. Since Cusco sits at a little over 12,000 ft walking up a hill had us sucking air. However, as time went on it got a little easier. Cusco is a cool city with a lot of character in a valley that climbs up the edges giving it a bowl effect. We stopped at a couple of temples/churches while exploring the city. To please the tourist there were ladies dressed up in the stereotypical Peruvia fasion while dragging around either baby or young llamas for pictures. The last night we were there we went out on a date night where we had a good meal after receiving and hour massage. You could get an hour massage for about $7!!

We ate at a lot of pollorias where we got a salad, french fries, and 1/8 portion of chicken for a little over $2. We also discovered the super churro! It was a foot long of fried dough with a slight amount of Dolce de Leche (caramel type spread) and a dusting of sugar. It was fried deliciousness!!

The only excursion we did aside from Machu Picchu was Montaña de Siete Colores (Rainbow Mountain). We got on a bus that drove us for 5 hours before we hit the trailhead. We did stop for breakfast after about 4 hours. The local people had tons of horses on standby for the people who didn’t want to or simply couldn’t make it to the top. The hike took about 3 hours and peaked at 16,500 ft. It was pretty strenuous especially when you are dehydrated and racing to be in front of the hordes of people also visiting the site. I had to rest a few times so I didn’t pass out. By the end most people had opted to riding a horse but the last steep climb had to be on foot. The view at summit was pretty cool. The different color sediments were separated in very distinct levels. It was a very unique area that was beautiful to behold. The climb down was a lot faster… naturally. However, I was impressed by how many people had decided to ride horses back down. While we sat outside our bus waiting for everyone to catch up the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. When we took off it started to snow but turned to a drizzle when we stopped for lunch. 4 hours later we were back in Cusco. It was cool to see but the experience was tanted by the giant masses of people and the need to control tour groups.


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